Showdown at the Clearance Rack

Showdown at the Clearance Rack
Two gardeners faced off at the clearance rack. 
They eyed each other and planned their attack 
like the lawmen and outlaws at the OK Corral,
except one grasped a dibble, and the other a trowel.

”Who gets the wilted lily, you or me?
And the leggy petunias in a pack of three?”
They each began to argue and holler,
each with the goal of saving a dollar.

Where they’d plant them they started to wonder
as they greedily eyed the sickly plunder.
The buddleia was rootbound 
and the salvias were spent.

The azalea was past its season
and the rose drooped for an unknown reason.
The coleus had gotten too much sun
and the zinnias, well, they were pretty much done.

Still, the gardeners each thought they could save ‘em
and were prepared to fight to the end to obtain ‘em.
When push came to shove
they took off their gloves.

One grimaced and let out a groan.
The other bristled and began to moan.
When it really got dirty the manager stepped in.
“There’s no reason to fight,” she said with a grin.

To cool them off and snuff out the fracas,
she gave them each a flat of vincas.
That did the trick! They each claimed their prize
and left the store with a gleam in their eyes.

Relieved, the manager with nothing to fear,
yelled, “don’t come back now, ya hear?!”
That was a bunch of fertilizer and they both knew it.
They’d be back. They were annuals.
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      Michelle Curren

      LOL! I miss being able to go to the nursery as much, although I just went a few days ago to get a few emergency flowers!

  1. Linda S

    thank you, Michelle, this was fun!
    I am grateful the local nursery businesses and small farm markets around me have been able to stay open if they choose, and have done well with their sales because gardening is one activity every can still do!

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      Michelle Curren

      I am, too! Gardening seems to be making a resurgence during this pandemic. Many of my seed sources are sold out.

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