Summer Fruit in Winter ~ A Simple Pleasure

Snow is swirling outside as I write. This time of year always feels so bleak, like spring will never return. One of my favorite ways of enduring these types of days is with baking. What a treat it is to have fruit from my own garden in the freezer! Having things harvested from my own …

Holiday Greetings ~ A Simple Pleasure

Holiday Greetings ~ A Simple Pleasure

Sending Christmas cards seems to have fallen by the wayside, a victim of the busyness that accompanies the end of the year. Commercialism has sent us into a shopping and shipping frenzy, often leaving this simpler gesture behind. I have a renewed appreciation for the little works of art that come in our December mail, …

The Urge to Purge

For awhile now I’ve been in the mood to lighten up in everything from my closet and junk drawers, to the cloud and social media. My life suddenly seemed very cluttered and overly complicated and it was time to clean it up. A Question of Joy A few years ago, I read “The Life-Changing Magic …

Homeschooling Fears

I polled a group of homeschool moms to find out what their greatest fears were when they first started. I wasn’t too surprised by their answers because I had them at one time, too. Fear is a natural human emotion. It protects us from physical and psychological pain, yet it can also be paralyzing. It’s …

Farewell to Facebook

Farewell to Facebook

When our son was 13, he asked permission to create an account on Facebook. At the time I knew nothing about social media, so I opened an account to investigate. I’d been using it ever since, so for about fifteen years, and the time I spent gradually increased. About a year ago, my husband and …

Haunted by Halloween ~ Why I Don’t Celebrate

Halloween is upon us once more. Evil and grotesque “decor” is in every store and magazine, and horror movies fill the theaters. It’s sad to me because otherwise October is such a lovely month that brings relief from the heat of summer, and natural beauty takes the form of colored leaves and soft golden light. …

Cruising with Mom

A cruise to Canada with my mother was the perfect birthday celebration for her. Highlights from our trip.

The Late Summer Garden ~ Five Suggestions for the Discouraged Gardener

The late summer garden can be rather depressing. What’s a gardener to do? Here are five suggestions of what you can be doing now to improve your outlook.

Garden of Memories

You may see the plants and ornaments in my garden, but what you can’t see are the many memories they hold for me. Come take a tour and let me share some of them with you!


My brief up-close and personal encounter with a young hummingbird.