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My brief up-close and personal encounter with a young hummingbird.

Showdown at the Clearance Rack

Showdown at the Clearance Rack

Two gardeners faced off at the clearance rack. They eyed each other and planned their attack like the lawmen and outlaws at the OK Corral, except one grasped a dibble, and the other a trowel. ”Who gets the wilted lily, you or me? And the leggy petunias in a pack of three?” They each began to …

The Doll Who Saw It All

Mom and her doll, Susie

I inherited my interest in writing from my mother who has written many things over the years. I think she might have enjoyed blogging, too, if the technology had been available in her earlier years. This fall, I had the idea to write about her experience with integration while attending Little Rock Central because it …

Where’s Santa? ~ A Christmas Whodunnit

Where’s Santa? ~ A Christmas Whodunnit

My family has a Christmas tradition which started with my paternal grandmother. At Christmas she would make a little goodie bag for each member of her family and put small treats in it. Hers included things such as a few pieces of fruit, some nuts and candies. My family has continued the tradition, but the …

The Power of Music Festival Spotlights Songwriters

The Power of Music Festival Spotlights Songwriters

Songwriters will be in the spotlight during the first annual Power of Music Festival to be held in Bentonville, Arkansas, April 27-29, 2017. There are few festivals that feature the writers behind hit songs, and Northwest Arkansas will be the home of this newest one. The creation of Betsy Brumley-Bernier, granddaughter of Albert E. Brumley, and her …

A Special Christmas Announcement

A Special Christmas Announcement

In December of 1997, Scott and I had a special announcement to make because we had just found out that we were expecting. It was already going to be a special Christmas because it was the first one in a new home that we had just built. Both sides of our families were going to …

Greater Inspiration ~ An Interview with David Hunt


While writing about “I’ll Fly Away’s” role in Greaterthemovie, I wondered if I might also be able to interview David Hunt, its Director and Co-Writer. Since we are both homeschooling families, we had something in common, and that gave me the courage to contact him. Even though Mr. Hunt had a hectic schedule, he made some time for …

“I’ll Fly Away” in Greater Role

I'll Fly Away by Albert Brumley

My husband and I went to see the movie, Greater, not really knowing what to expect. Greater was co-written by a local homeschool father, David Hunt, so I wanted to support the movie because of the homeschool connection. My husband, a University of Arkansas alum, was interested in seeing it for the football story. It ended …

Albert Brumley’s Memory Valley

Mike's Creek Valley by Mid-Life Blogger

Have you ever heard of Powell, Missouri? I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. Today, it’s not much more than a spot in the road, but at one time it was a thriving community. Powell is located in the southwest corner of Missouri, in the beautiful Ozarks. It was given the nickname “Memory Valley,” by …