Changes ~ My Journey Continues

My Journey Continues

I imagine that hearing from me after so long might be perplexing, so let me explain. For several years I blogged regularly – I had so many things I wanted to write about – homeschooling, country life, gardening, my spiritual journey… but my blog became neglected and somewhat forgotten. If you’ve been a subscriber since then, thank you! If you enjoyed something I’ve written in the past, I’m hoping you’ll hang in there and see what’s to come. 

So what happened? 

I began talking myself out of blogging. I still had plenty of ideas, and actually wrote quite a bit, but they never got posted. It actually takes a lot of time to write, edit, find a few pictures, publish, and maintain. I didn’t feel like anyone really wanted to read it and that it was a waste of my time. While I enjoy writing, some of the other aspects began to steal my joy, so it’s been neglected for awhile and I’ve actually considered just turning it off.

I had a desire to write more about my spiritual journey, but lacked confidence in sharing it. Also, I discovered a new skincare line that I got excited about and decided to join their sales team. That started taking a lot of my time that I would have otherwise spent blogging. I feel like Satan succeeded in diverting my attention, so maybe I do have something worthwhile to share. I still really enjoy selling the makeup and skincare, in fact I credit it with helping me to survive these past few years of the pandemic, but I’d like to give blogging more priority again and get back to it.

This blog started when I was in my early fifties and, in my mind, officially mid-life, so I chose the name, Mid-Life Blogger. My children were grown and I was becoming an empty-nester, wondering what this new phase of life would bring, so that was the motif for my blog – that it would be a public journal of a private journey.

Unexpected Encouragement

Recently, one of my friends forwarded a blog post that she had enjoyed. It was from a woman who lived on a homestead and shared her faith through her blog, similar to the kind of writing I had done a little of, and was wanting to do more of. Somehow, because it had meant something to my friend, it encouraged me. It made me think again, could someone out there appreciate what I might have yet to write? 

Several days later I asked God for encouragement. He was quick to answer through another friend who said kind things about my blog. I didn’t know she had even read it, and since it had been quite some time since I had published anything, I was quite surprised when she rattled off several specific posts!

God seems to be encouraging me to share my journey, so I want to do that. I may not be able to be as consistent as maybe I should be, but I’m going to try to dedicate some time to it again. It’s somewhat therapeutic for me, and maybe something that I go through will help someone else.

Drifting in the Doldrums was written almost four years ago. It amuses me to reread it now. In it, I pondered whether we should buy a boat or an RV, remodel or downsize, stay put or move? Well, I can update you that we have bought both a boat and an RV, we’re currently in mid-remodel on one home, we bought a second smaller home and we move around a lot between them! We’ve enjoyed a period of calm where our parents and children were all doing well and it has afforded us some time to be Just the Two of Us

But the winds of change have started to blow. My next post will share more.

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