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Michelle Curren ~ Mid-Life Blogger
Michelle ~ Mid-Life Blogger

Hi, I’m Michelle. I just celebrated my 53rd birthday and I’m transitioning into the empty nest phase. After spending fourteen years homeschooling my two children, I feel both excited and uneasy about what the future holds. I enjoy writing and I think I lead a fairly interesting life, so I thought I’d try sharing some of it. Thus, the name, Mid-Life Blogger.

I don’t have any experience with blogging and I’m trying to figure it out, so bear with me, but I thought I’d just jump in and learn as I go. I do better that way.

Stitch Fix

Looking into my future, I’m feeling the need to adjust my wardrobe. I found out about Stitch Fix through my sister while we were together at Christmas. I complemented her on a top she was wearing, and she said, “Thanks! I got it from Stitch Fix!”

Stitch Fix? What’s that?” I asked (of course!). So then she gave me a quick description of their service, that for a $20 styling fee they send you a box with five items. You try them all on, keep what you want and send the rest back. If you keep at least one, the styling fee is applied to your order. If you buy all five you get a 25% discount.

Right then and there I pulled up their website to learn more about it. It didn’t seem to be too much of a gamble, so I started filling out my personal profile. It asks you all sorts of questions about your sizing, preferences, budget, etc, and from that information the stylist chooses items especially for you. You can even alert your stylist to special events coming up that you need something for. Over time, from the feedback you give them from each Fix, the stylist is able to hone in on your style.

I’m not sure what life holds for me next, but I’m hoping to have more date nights with my husband, and do a little more traveling and spending time with friends. I love clothes, but I’m not exactly a fashionista, and I often lack confidence, so having a stylist to clue me in is just what I need.

Why Mid-Life Blogger?

While I was reading Stitch Fix blogs I didn’t find a single one from someone my age, so that got me to thinking about doing one myself. Then I decided to broaden my blog into more of a lifestyle one, incorporating my many interests. I’m camera shy so that’s the funny part.

Stitch Fix offers a referral credit of $25 when you refer someone, so if I’ve piqued your interest and you decide to try it, then of course I would appreciate you using one of my affiliate links.


Regarding homeschooling, after fourteen years you might imagine that I have plenty to say about it, but it’s overwhelming, so I’ll pepper it in as I have things I want to share.

I’m going to get my daughter to help me get a profile picture, but that may be quite an undertaking. Like I said, I’m camera shy.

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  1. cheaperbythedozen

    Awe hang with it! I’m 33 and just started blogging myself. I’m also a homeschooler, so I look forward to whatever advice you can give regarding that 🙂 Stitch Fix is a hit and miss as your stylist try’s to get a knack for your personal style, so stick with it too! I’m looking forward to reading your future posts. Congrats on homeschooling success and Happy Birthday!!

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