5 Easy Ways to Brighten Winter Days

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Winter Days

I love having the four seasons to mark the passing of the year, to give variety in the weather and in my daily tasks. Each season brings its own joys and challenges, much like life itself. I have heard that there is a high rate of depression in the winter months, and I can understand why. The days are short, and most are cold, cloudy and gloomy. When I look out the windows, all I see is brown and gray. There are some things that I do to make the most of them and lift my spirits, so here are 5 easy ways to brighten winter days.

1. Counting My Winter Blessings

Focusing on the positive always helps to make things more pleasant. Some winter blessings are because of what it doesn’t have: snakes, ticks, and chiggers. I can go walking around the farm or in the woods with little regard to any of them.

The view from our back porch.

In winter with the leaves off the trees we have a better view. From our windows we can see the valley and our farm down below. When driving through the country we can see things that are usually hidden such as homes or geographic features. When it snows, it highlights the lay of the land and we’re able to see the creeks, ravines, and bluffs.

No matter what winter brings, I have a warm home, plenty to eat, and a wonderful husband. What more could I want?!

2. Enjoying Nature

When we do have pretty sunny days, I try to get outside to absorb the sun and allow my body to replenish its Vitamin D. Deep breaths fill my lungs with the cool fresh air and that makes me feel good, too. By taking a walk, I get some exercise, releasing endorphins that make me feel happier and healthier at the same time. If I’m alone I sing and talk to God.

A real treat is when we’ve had a beautiful snow followed by some calm and sunny days. Once I’m bundled up they really don’t feel that bad, and it’s awe-inspiring to walk through pristine snow in our quiet countryside. Our rocky hillsides have a lot of springs that you don’t realize are there until crystal icicles form along the bluffs.

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Winter Days

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Winter Days

3. Nesting

On cold dreary days I prefer to stay inside. I love scented candles and burning them fills the house with a nice scent. It puts me in a nesting mood so that housekeeping is more enjoyable. Right now I’m still using a pine scent for winter, but soon I’ll switch to a spring flower scent. I get so excited about spring and the flowers coming up, and I can hurry it up a little that way.

Baking and cooking warm up the house and I get to use the foods that I spent so much time growing, harvesting, and preserving earlier in the year. Being able to take those fruits and vegetables out of the freezer, and season them with my own herbs, brings a taste of summer to every meal.

I also love baking bread. Who doesn’t love that aroma?!

I have a book called Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and I love it! I still haven’t tried all of the recipes because I like the basic “Boule” recipe so much. I can take out a little bit of dough, shape it like a bun or hoagie and have bread fresh from the oven. It really kicks up an ordinary sandwich or bowl of soup! Scott and I enjoy having some simple suppers by the fire together in the evenings.

4. Resting

God gives rest to the plants and animals that hibernate through winter. I take advantage of this slower season by giving myself some rest, too. I refresh myself by reading, writing, and pursuing new interests.

5. Spring Dreaming

Just a few days ago I got out my seeds, took inventory, and made a list of the varieties I need to order.

Then I study my Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog, and choose a few new things to try.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn

I’m also making a list of gardening chores that I’ll want to start on soon. Among the first will be cleaning out my garden beds.

The fruit trees’ buds are swelling so I’m beginning to think towards spring and wonder if the pear trees will blossom for the first time, and if the Blue Jays will get all of the cherries. (Or will we get a late freeze and not have much fruit at all?)

Libby Snow-Bathing

I wish I enjoyed winter as much as Libby does. I think it’s her favorite season. Winter has its own charms, though, so I try to focus on those while I await the first signs of spring. If winter gets you down, try some of the things that help me. I hope they’ll help you, too!

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Winter Days

More Winter Reading

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Nadine lives in Duncan, BC Canada, and she’s conducting a Winter Nature Study with her kids.


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  1. Michelle

    I too love candles–but I prefer yummy “baked goods” smells all year round, like sugar cookie, pumpkin pie, or anything caramel. 🙂 Of course fresh bread baking in the oven trumps any other smell…. mmmmmmm. And thanks for sharing the link to that amazing Artisan Bread book!!!!

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  2. Home's Cool!

    Lovely post. Although we get very little real winter, here, when it does come, we are very unaccustomed to survival. This post will help for the next chance, maybe 2018? haha!

  3. Tammy

    I love the Artisan Bread book! I love having essential oils diffusing through my home and small white twinkle lights to give the feeling of coziness on dreary days.

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    1. Post

      It’s nice all year ’round, but the warmth from the oven and wonderful aroma, make the house seem even warmer. I sure have enjoyed it. What a freeing concept! And for people who follow Trim Healthy Mama, it even fits with a lower-carb lifestyle if you wait at least three days before using it.

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  4. Long Ladies

    I don’t really enjoy winter, so I keep a running list of things to appreciate about the season. Here’s my list so far:
    1. No bugs
    2. Cozy fire in the woodstove
    3. No mowing (we have several acres that are push-mowed)
    4. People tend to cover up as they wear more clothing. 😉
    5. Chili and soups taste better during the cold months

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  5. Debbie Wheeler

    I love citrus e-oils, I also clean up my act, as far as cleaning up the house, making it so I get plenty of sunlight. I guess I don’t like that cozy closed up feeling some like. Happy I live in an area where it might be cold outside but we get a lot of sunshine. Garden planning is a joy, I love Baker Creek.

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      Michelle Curren

      I like the cozy closed-up feeling when it’s cold outside, otherwise I’d rather have some sun and fresh air! Citrus oils would bring the sunshine in when there isn’t any. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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