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Solitude ~ A Simple Pleasure

Solitude ~ A Simple Pleasure

We all need some solitude. Time to think our own thoughts and dream our own dreams. Sometimes it can be hard to get away, especially if you live in the city. I love being able to take a walk on our farm to enjoy nature and get some exercise. Our dogs usually keep me company …

Little Birds Told Me – How God Gave Me a Sign

Little Birds Told Me - a flock of Blue Jays relayed a message

I’ve loved the natural beauty of the Ozarks since my first visit, about 25 years ago. My husband grew up in northwest Arkansas and every time we visited his family, I asked if we could move there, but I guess the time wasn’t right. Soon after our son was born, Scott’s parents bought some land …

Seek and Ye Shall Find ~ How God Provided

Seek and Ye Shall Find

One of the ladies at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility was distraught. Her only possession, a chronological Bible, had been lost during her transfer from prison. We own one of those, so I knew exactly what it looked like and planned to go in search of one when our Bible study was over. Great …

A Gentle Breeze

A Gentle Breeze

The term “Godincidence” first entered my vocabulary about twenty years ago, and it has since become a favorite word! Through the years I’ve learned to see God at work in everyday occurrences. It never ceases to amaze me, to become aware of His presence and work in my life! Many Godincidences have become treasured memories. …

Comfort Zones

I could have named my blog something about leaving my comfort zone, because it seems like I’ve been doing a lot of that. In The Birth of Curren Christian Academy, I shared how we began homeschooling. That was a big leap out of my comfort zone. My biggest fear in homeschooling was that I wouldn’t do a …

Not Too Far From Here ~ An Answered Prayer

Not Too Far From Here

When my son was a toddler, I had a favorite song called, “Not Too Far From Here,” sung by Kim Boyce. I listened to it over and over while singing along. The beautiful lyrics touched my heart and I couldn’t listen to them without becoming teary-eyed. The song became a heartfelt prayer. With permission from …

The Birth of Curren Christian Academy ~ How Our Family Began Homeschooling

The Birth of Curren Christian Academy ~ How Our Family Began Homeschooling

How we came to homeschooling.