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Roadfood ~ The Roadtripper’s Companion

Roadfood ~ The Roadtripper's Companion

My husband and I both enjoy road trips, watching the scenery go by and being in control of our route and schedule. We also prefer eating in diners and local joints as a way to further experience the areas we visit. When I saw Jane and Michael Stern’s book, Roadfood, on Blogging for Books, I …

BBQ Station in Cassville, MO – Worth the Drive

BBQ Station Truck by Mid-Life Blogger

Many years ago, my husband bought a building in Cassville, Missouri, not knowing what he was going to do with it. After considering a few options, he ended up deciding to open a restaurant with his younger brother, Joel, and his wife, Tanya. Scott and Joel’s parents, Gil and Sue Curren, had owned a restaurant …