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Lessons I Learned from the Pandemic

With the Covid pandemic in my rearview mirror, I’ve done some contemplating about how it affected my life and what positive things I could take from it.

Called to Curate ~ This Dangerous Book

Called to Curate ~ This Dangerous Book

Sometimes our lives take twists and turns that we never could have expected. That’s what happened to Steve and Jackie Green who found themselves hunting down biblical artifacts, even though neither of them had any prior experience. Both of their families had a love for the Bible, but they didn’t foresee that they would delve …

Seek and Ye Shall Find ~ How God Provided

Seek and Ye Shall Find

One of the ladies at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility was distraught. Her only possession, a chronological Bible, had been lost during her transfer from prison. We own one of those, so I knew exactly what it looked like and planned to go in search of one when our Bible study was over. Great …