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Cruising with Mom

A cruise to Canada with my mother was the perfect birthday celebration for her. Highlights from our trip.

Revisiting My Roots

How a family reunion cheered my heart.

Rings that Bind

Rings that Bind

Heirloom jewelry can contain more than its inherent value. It can perpetuate memories and give a sense of belonging and connectedness. My sister and I have matching rings that were special gifts from our mother one Christmas. These rings connect us with each other, as well as with other women who came before us. William …

Rockport Revisited ~ Rebuilding from Disaster

Rockport Revisited ~ Rebuilding from Disaster

How does a community survive a direct hit from a class 4 hurricane such as Harvey? How long does it take to rebuild and restore? The day after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, my husband left our home in Missouri to go to Rockport, Texas, to check on our business. He didn’t know what he would …

In the Eye of the Storm ~ Hurricane Harvey

In the Eye of the Storm ~ Hurricane Harvey

My husband’s worst nightmare was coming true. We had moved to southwest Missouri from Rockport, Texas, ten years ago, but we still owned a business there. While watching the coverage of Hurricane Harvey, they began to predict that it would make landfall at Rockport. Scott’s business, our livelihood, was directly in the eye of the …

America the Beautiful ~ Our Summer Vacation

America the Beautiful ~ Our Summer Vacation

Our summer vacation took us through five states within a week’s time. Our main destination was Colorado, because we had never been there before, but our route took us through other new areas, as well. We did an awful lot of driving and within that short time span the vistas changed dramatically, as did the …

Roadfood ~ The Roadtripper’s Companion

Roadfood ~ The Roadtripper's Companion

My husband and I both enjoy road trips, watching the scenery go by and being in control of our route and schedule. We also prefer eating in diners and local joints as a way to further experience the areas we visit. When I saw Jane and Michael Stern’s book, Roadfood, on Blogging for Books, I …

A Passion for Seeds ~ Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

A Passion for Seeds ~ The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

I’ve wanted to visit Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company for a long time. For at least ten years I’ve received their catalogs and watched Jere Gettle’s business and family grow. Their festivals have always looked like so much fun, yet I never found the time to make the 2 1/2 hour trip. My contact there, …

Cedarwood Lodge ~ Trout-Fishing Destination

Cedarwood Lodge, Flippin, Arkansas

We recently met some close friends for a weekend at Cedarwood Lodge on the White River near Flippin, Arkansas. It was such a nice resort and we had such a good time! The owners, Ken and Mary Ann Green, were very nice and welcoming. They even arranged great weather. My first impression was “Wow!” You …

BBQ Station in Cassville, MO – Worth the Drive

BBQ Station Truck by Mid-Life Blogger

Many years ago, my husband bought a building in Cassville, Missouri, not knowing what he was going to do with it. After considering a few options, he ended up deciding to open a restaurant with his younger brother, Joel, and his wife, Tanya. Scott and Joel’s parents, Gil and Sue Curren, had owned a restaurant …