Month: June 2019

Gardening ~ The Slowest Fine Art

Gardening ~ The Slowest Fine Art

Once upon a time I saw a cute little sign that said “Gardening is the Slowest of the Fine Arts.” I had never thought of it that way, but isn’t that the truth?! I’ve always been creative, taking art classes all through my childhood, but in recent years my creativity has been channeled more through …

Friendly Flowers

Friendly Flowers ~ A Poem

When time is whizzing and life’s a frenzy, when dark clouds hover and troubles surround me,to the garden I must go,where my friendly flowers grow. While I’m digging in dirt and pulling weeds,pruning, watering, and planting seeds,the daffodils nod their bobbing heads in agreement with whatever I just said. And just look into Pansy’s pretty face,her …

Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry - Painting Drawers

Do you like watching paint dry? Actually, I do. That expression usually refers to something boring, but when you’ve been dreaming of having a new laundry room for years, it’s far from it. When the time finally came, I got to think through all of the different tasks I’d want to use the room for …