Month: November 2016

7 Lessons I Learned from The Animal School and How They Shaped Our Homeschool

Homeschooling encouragement

During our early stages of homeschooling I did a lot of reading to learn about approaches, learning styles, and such, to create a vision for our homeschool. Somewhere along the way I came across “The Animal School,” a fable that was originally written in 1940 by George Reavis, the Superintendent of Public Schools in Cincinnati, …

In Defense of Leaves

In Defense of Leaves

In Defense of Leaves I love the leaves, leave ’em be. Let them rest where they fall from the tree. I love the way they smell and sound, and the way they look all over the ground. Competing for the lead, they skip and tumble like children freed, racing to play at recess. (Fleeing from …