Gardener’s Lament ~ A Poem

Gardener's Lament

In Defense of Leaves


Spiritual Corridor Daylily

This is the Spiritual Corridor daylily.  I bought it a few years ago from Breck’s.  I buy plants through catalogs quite a bit.  Especially in the winter when it’s so bleak outside, I enjoy looking through my plant catalogs and finding new flowers I want to try, and combinations that I think would be nice.

Spiritual Corridor Daylily
Spiritual Corridor Daylily

Here it is again, just so you can see more of it.  I really liked the frilly edges and chartreuse throat.  I planted it in an area that has other pinks, lavenders, and white.  The area is still maturing so I’m still waiting to see how the plants work together.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  Do you have favorite daylilies that you recommend?  What would you plant next to it?


Coal Miner Daylily

I bought this Coal Miner Daylily from Roots & Rhizomes a few years ago.  It started blooming today.  I like it’s chartreuse throat and deep purple color.

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Ruby Spider Daylily

I love these big, beautiful “Ruby Spider” daylilies. They’re huge! About 7″ in diameter.  Their colors are vibrant, and the red looks like velvet.  Do you have a favorite daylily?  I’d love to see a picture!

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