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The Clothesline ~ A Simple Pleasure

Country life is full of simple pleasures. Things that often go unnoticed, or seem mundane to some. Hanging laundry on the clothesline is one of my simple pleasures.

Valentine’s Day Gift

The first Valentine’s Day after we moved to our farm, I asked my husband for a clothesline. Checking Craig’s List, he found someone a few hours away that made and sold them, so one afternoon we made the drive down back roads that wound through small towns and hamlets (which is another simple pleasure). They were very sturdy and well-made, just what I wanted. Back at home, my husband set them in concrete and stretched the lines between them. I took on the task of painting them and I chose a shade of green (my favorite color) so that they would blend with the grass and trees. My mother-in-law made me a clothes pin bag, reusing a frame and fabric remnant that she had on hand.

Kitchen Towels
Kitchen Towels Fluttering in the Breeze
What I Love About It

I love seeing the laundry gently swaying in the breeze, and knowing that the sunlight naturally kills bacteria while imparting a wonderful fragrance that you can only get outdoors. While reaching to pin or unpin I’m getting a dose of fresh air and sunshine, as well as some good stretching. I’m often serenaded by birds in the nearby trees, and I enjoy the cacophony of our geese, ducks, guineas, chickens, and turkeys. Occasionally one of our dogs or cats appears to keep me company. My favorite thing to line-dry is bedding. I’ve been hanging out every layer from the mattress pad to the bedspread, so I’m already looking forward to climbing into bed tonight. Sometimes while driving I’ll see a clothesline full of fluttering textiles and have a sudden urge to go home and do laundry.

A Funny Comment

Once we had a few men doing masonry work near the clothesline and I was doing laundry that day. When I went out to retrieve it one of the men said, “We sure are enjoying the smell of your laundry drying.” Wow! Would you ever think you’d hear a man say something like that?! He went on to say that he sure wished his wife would hang their laundry on a clothesline. His comments were so unexpected that I still chuckle when I remember them. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that appreciates this simple pleasure.

Note: Regarding sunlight killing bacteria, I found an article by a scientist/mother done on this exact subject here.

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16 thoughts on “The Clothesline ~ A Simple Pleasure”

  1. I love this post! I also enjoy having my laundry out on the line. There is nothing better than seeing the sun beat down and the clothes waving in the wind. The clothes just seem so much cleaner and fresher after being on the line. Thank you for writing this.

  2. I too LOVE line-dried laundry. (My momma taught me this passion.) One of my favorite parts of spring yet again arriving to New England. I do hand laundry out on a “warm” sunny winter day as well–if I can GET to the line. With our current 2 feet of snow it’s not happening for a little while.

  3. I love the idea of a clothesline but have a few questions. Can you line dry all year long or only in the summer? We live in the PNW where it rains a lot. Can you cover the line (to stop the rain) and get the same results? Thanks! Great post. 🙂

    1. Personally, I don’t line dry in the winter, but I see laundry hanging out all year around. If it were covered I think you’d lose the benefit of the sunlight, but then you don’t have to worry about rain. I’ve seen people string lines under carports and porches, so people do it.

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