Thanksgiving Every Day

Thanksgiving Every Day

One of the things I love about living on a homestead, is feeling a closer connection to God’s provision. While I still visit the grocery store to pick up a few things now and then, that list has dwindled over the years since we moved to the country. I feel gratitude while growing, foraging, and preserving our foods. Thanksgiving is every day.

Where Food Comes From

Living on a homestead means being more in touch with where your food comes from. I grew up a city girl, shopping in the grocery store and buying boxes and bags like everyone else. The more I read about GMOs and chemicals in our food, the more I wanted to be where I could grow my own.

In my garden I grow organically. I try to control bad bugs with good bugs or hand-picking, and search for natural remedies for funguses and viruses. When I need to spray, I use organic products. It’s a constant battle and learning curve, but one I’m motivated to tackle.

Although I’ve always known where my meats came from, it’s different to raise animals yourself and then process them and add their meat to your freezer. It can be difficult to come to grips with, but I know they led a happy and healthy life, and were processed as humanely as possible. They, too, are a gift from God.

God Provides

When we first visited this area of the Ozarks that would eventually become our home, I was amazed by the variety of wild fruits, nuts, and mushrooms that grew abundantly. I don’t sow or tend, yet when it’s time, I get to harvest.

Wild Huckleberries


Foraging for Morel Mushrooms

I’ve never lived where I felt God’s provision like I do here. In addition to the foods I gather, my husband hunts and fishes.

Work is involved in all of this, and yet we give thanks for having plenty, and for a good kind of work that’s deeply satisfying.

Family and Friends

What makes the Thanksgiving holiday special, then, is getting together with family and friends. Bringing our favorite dishes and giving ourselves permission to indulge while catching up on news and enjoying each other’s company.

As you gather together, I pray that you have plenty to thank our Heavenly Father for. Enjoy all of the wonderful foods and loved ones that He has provided!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Thanksgiving Every Day


  1. Spring Lake Homestead

    You said it well, Michelle. I grew up in the country, but we did not grow our own food. And I felt the way you did, until I started to do my own research and learn with an open mind. We went through the Ozarks recently, and I was really hoping we’d be able to meet up, but we were on a pretty strict timeline, and I wasn’t able to. I did think about you though!

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  2. apronstringsotherthings

    Your post has made me homesick, Michelle! Your words ring true – I am so thankful we had opportunity as our children were growing to raise some of our own food. They may not all have to forage or butcher or tend vegetables on their own, but they do all understand what it takes and where it comes from.

    I’m grateful we have a God Who provides such a bounty! Thanksgiving Blessings to you and yours!

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      Michelle Curren

      Thank you, Linda! A homestead is a great place for children to learn that. I think it’s important to know. I’m glad you had that experience.

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