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Poultry for the Homeplace ~ A Practical Primer

Poultry for the Homeplace

Poultry are not paltry on the homeplace. They each serve a purpose and are profitable.┬áPoultry refers to a variety of domesticated birds that are raised for their meat and eggs. It includes chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guineas. Plumage I think of our birds as feathered flowers. They all have different colors and patterns, and …

Patiently Pruning Peaches and Pears

Patiently Pruning Peaches and Pears

My gardening chore today was to prune my peach and pear trees. In my mind it was urgent because the peach trees are in full bloom and already starting to leaf out. I really wanted to get them pruned while I could see the limbs and the structure of the tree. We’ve been working on …