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A Cabbage Worth Keeping ~ Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

A Cabbage Worth Keeping ~ Early Jersey Wakefield

I grew my prettiest cabbages yet this year. It wasn’t a good year for many of my usual crops, but it’s been great for cabbage and kale. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog. Overcoming Challenges One of my biggest challenges with cabbage and kale in the past has been battling …

Tronchuda Kale ~ A Super Green Worth Growing

Tronchuda Kale

I love experimenting in the garden. That’s why I enjoy the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog so much. I’m amazed by the vast array of plants that I’ve never heard of. Reading the descriptions, comparing, and picking out a few new things to try helps me survive the bleakest months of winter. Having said that, …