Stitch Fix Giveaway ~ The Celebration Continues

I have a surprise! (Don’t you just love surprises?!) We aren’t done celebrating yet. Stitch Fix wanted to help celebrate my blog’s anniversary, too, so they donated a $50 gift certificate to be given away!!! If you’ve been wanting to try Stitch Fix then this is your big chance. If you are already a Stitch Fix customer, you’re eligible, too! Stitch Fix offers styles for Misses, Maternity, Petites, and Plus. They also style for men.

Just in case you missed my other post, I’m celebrating the first anniversary of my blog. You can read the first part here: Mid-Life Blogger’s First Anniversary

This post contains affiliate links. If you use one of my links to make a purchase, I earn a referral fee. If you are a Stitch Fix customer, then you can also earn referral credits by referring your friends.

How Stitch Fix Works

When you first set up your Stitch Fix account, you will set up your Style Profile. There is no charge to do this.  It will ask for information regarding your sizing, preferences, and budget. Your stylist will use this information to choose items for you. (This is also a fun thing to do with a friend.)

When you schedule a Fix, your account is charged a $20 styling fee. Your stylist chooses five items from among clothing and accessories especially for you and sends them on the date you choose. You then have three business days to try on the items and decide what to keep and what to return. Shipping is free – even on exchanges.

You check out online, and your account is charged for the items you keep. If you keep at least one item, the styling fee is applied towards the balance. If you keep all five items then you receive a 25% discount.

A pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope is provided, so when you’re ready, you just slip the returns into it, seal it, and drop it off at the post office. It’s very quick and easy!

There’s an App for That

Stitch Fix has an app that you can download. If you fill out your Style Profile using it, you can include a picture of yourself.

Get The Best Fix Possible

Communicating with your stylist is the key to getting the best Fix possible and Stitch Fix gives you many opportunities to do that.

  • The first opportunity is with your Style Profile. It asks for a variety of information such as your sizes, your budget, and your style preferences. Take your time in answering all of the questions because this is the information that the stylist will rely on most, especially in the beginning.
  • When you schedule your Fix, you have an opportunity to write your stylist a note. You can request certain pieces or tell her about a special event you have coming up. Are you interviewing for a job? Going on a cruise? Attending a wedding? Those are all things to tell her. In the Facebook Stitch Fix groups, I’ve also seen people ask for certain themes such as “all white,” “all dresses,” or a celebrity’s style, e.g. “A Joanna Gaines Fix.”
  • When you check out, you have the opportunity to give feedback on each item. Whether you love it or hate it, give specific reasons why. From this information your stylist can get to know you better with each Fix.
  • Another way of communicating is by setting up a Pinterest board and linking it to your Style Profile. You can pin pictures of clothing and accessories to it that you like. They don’t have to be brands that Stitch Fix carries. Your stylist will still be able to get a feel for the colors and patterns that you like by what you pin. I’ve put a link to my Pinterest board, as well as Stitch Fix’s, at the bottom of the post.
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Keep an open mind and try on everything your stylist sends. That’s the whole point of Stitch Fix – having the experience of a personal stylist. Cindy sent me this maxi skirt and blouse. They’re more colorful than I normally wear, but I liked the watercolor floral, the length, and the buttery soft fabric.

Kendra Crochet Detail Blouse by Skies Are Blue, and Deanne Floral Maxi Skirt by Loveappella
Favorite Pieces

I’ve been getting Stitch Fixes for about a year and a half now. I’ve discovered that I love light pink and have kept several items in that color. They’ve all gotten a lot of wear. This light pink Winston Open Cardigan by Bobeau has served me well. It goes with a lot and is comfortable almost year ’round. I took it and this Curran Split-neck Blouse by Pixley with me on a trip with my mom and sister last fall. Many items that I’ve purchased from Stitch Fix have become favorites that I reach for most often.


Before kids, my husband and I were spontaneous, and now that the nest is empty, that spontaneity is re-entering our lives. That means I may not have time to go shopping, so it’s nice to have appropriate clothes on hand. Just this weekend my husband and I decided on the spur of the moment to go to Branson, Missouri, to celebrate my birthday. I was glad that I had something to wear that was stylish and comfortable. This Edmond Henley Knit Top by Pixley got to ride to the top of Branson’s new Ferris wheel.


I’ve had a lot of fun trying the new things that Cindy, my stylist, has sent me. I enjoy shopping, but for some reason I don’t find the time to go very often, so it’s nice for the shopping to come to me. I also think it’s fun to write about, and it’s fun to goof off with my daughter when she’s taking pictures for me.

Stitch Fix Giveaway ~ The Celebration Continues
Goofing off with my daughter

You can read more about my Fixes by choosing the Stitch Fix category.


Thank you, again, to Stitch Fix for allowing me to raffle off a $50 gift certificate. Please enter the giveaway below. You will be required to complete a Style Profile as part of your entry. That step is required because the stylist can’t prepare a Fix for you without it. Good luck!

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Stitch Fix August 2016

The end of the summer is nearing already! We’ll be taking our daughter off to college in about a week. I’m really excited for her and all the new experiences she’s going to have, but I’m sad, too, because our little girl has turned into a young woman. It’s a busy, busy, month, and I wanted to squeeze in one last summer Fix. I didn’t specify very much this time, I thought I’d have the fun of surprise.

Although this post contains affiliate links, these are my honest-to-goodness opinions. Stitch Fix offers a $25 Referral Credit if a new account is opened and a Fix ordered. You can earn referral credits, too!

Shaylin Ponte Dress by Adrianna Papell ($98)
Shaylin Ponte Dress by Adrianna Papell
Shaylin Ponte Dress by Adrianna Papell

One thing I did mention was that I could use a new “little black dress” that would be suitable for a variety of occasions. My stylist, Cindy, sent this Shaylin Ponte Dress by Adrianna Papell. We had a hard time getting a good picture of it. I usually like to take my pictures in front of the fireplace, but the black didn’t stand out against it. Our den has lots of windows and natural light, but today was overcast and stormy, so I tried standing in front of this solid door (I dislike our old wallpaper). This dress is a good quality, thick knit. If I were younger I might have kept it, but the knit was too clingy in certain places and I didn’t feel good in it. There is a short slit in the back that was basted closed, so it didn’t show up in the photos. It has nice details, so I think a lot of ladies would like it, but it wasn’t the right style for me, so it will be returned.

Curran Split Neck Blouse by Pixley ($44)
Curran Split Neck Blouse by Pixley
Curran Split Neck Blouse by Pixley

This blouse seemed meant to be since we share the name “Curran,” although mine is spelled with an “e.” In her note, Cindy said that she had noticed lots of polka dots on my Pinterest board and thought that I would like it. She was right! I love the classic color (navy) and pattern. I tried it on with some jeans, since that’s what I wear most often, but it would go well with other things, too. The earrings I happened to be wearing went well with it, too. It’s a keeper!

Sharipova Lace Back Top by Market & Spruce ($58)
Sharipova Lace Back Top by Market & Spruce
Sharipova Lace Back Top by Market & Spruce

When I first pulled this top out, I thought it was really cute and unique. It’s a pretty light pink, and I would describe the front fabric as poplin. Then the back has a really pretty lace that I bet would be good for air-circulation on hot summer days. I think it runs a little small. I tried to get a good picture of the back of it, but it “pulled.” Although I thought it was really cute, I decided it didn’t fit well enough. It will be returned.

Back detail of Sharipova Lace Back Top
Back detail of Sharipova Lace Back Top
Winston Open Cardigan by Bobeau ($58)
Winston Open Cardigan by Bobeau
Winston Open Cardigan by Bobeau

Cindy recommended trying this cardigan on with the Sharipova Lace Back Top, so that is what is under it. The colors do work well together. I have a few other pink pieces that I bought in previous Fixes that I can wear under it. I really liked this cardigan. It was soft and comfy, and would be great for transitioning in the fall and spring. I tried it on with these cute shoes I got in my June Fix – Mazzota Cut-Out Flats by Nine West in Rose Gold. They go great together! (Don’t mind my goofy tan)

Nine West Mazzota Cut-Out Flats
Nine West Mazzota Cut-Out Flats in Rose Gold

The cardigan is a little wrinkled from its trip in the box, but a quick ironing or steaming would Fix that. I’ve got plans for this little cardigan to take a trip to my closet. (Keeping!)

Bano Lace Knit Top by Loveappella ($54)
Bano Lace Knit Top by Loveappella
Bano Lace Knit Top by Loveappella

In choosing this top, Cindy noted all the feminine pieces and lace I had on my Pinterest board, so I know she’s paying attention to my preferences and styling especially for me. I do like the pretty, bright pink color and lace, and the fabric is soft. However, the fabric is a little too thin and clingy for me to feel my best, so I’m sending it back.

How Stitch Fix Works

In case you are new to Stitch Fix, I want to give you a quick run-down on how it works. You can get an even fuller understanding from reading my previous posts about Stitch Fix, as well as see other things I have received from them.

  • When you set up your account, you will fill out your “Style Profile.” It doesn’t cost anything to do this, so I encourage you to check it out. The Style Profile is how your stylist gets to know you, everything from your sizing to your style preferences. Tip: You are able to include a link to a Pinterest board where you can pin pictures of clothing and accessories, whether from Stitch Fix, or not, for your stylist to study in preparing your Fix. Take advantage of this for the best Fix possible. You are welcome to pin photos from my blog if there is something you’d like to try.
  • When you schedule a Fix, you are charged a $20 Styling Fee. Your stylist will choose five items from among clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry. If there are any categories that you don’t want things from, you can specify that in your Profile. If you keep at least one item, the Styling Fee is deducted from your total.
  • Once you receive your Fix, you have three business days to try everything on and make your decisions. Even if your first impression of something isn’t good, go ahead and try it on. That’s part of the fun, to let your stylist help you get a little out of your comfort zone, and choose things you wouldn’t choose for yourself. I would further advise you to have someone take pictures of you. It has really helped me make decisions and I’ve changed my mind several times because of them. You also have time to “sleep on it,” and make sure of your decisions.
  • Stitch Fix sends a pre-addressed and pre-paid return envelope, so all you have to do is put the unwanted items into it, seal it, and drop it in a mailbox. Extremely fast and easy!!
  • Go on line to your Stitch Fix account to check out. Here each item will be listed and you specify whether you are keeping or returning. There is also a box for you to type notes to your stylist about what you did or didn’t like about it. Please take advantage of this opportunity to give them feedback. It helps you get the best Fixes possible.
  • If you choose to keep all five items, you receive a 25% discount. Sometimes ladies buy all five pieces for the discount and then sell the ones they don’t want in Facebook Stitch Fix groups, so there’s another option.

I hope you’ve had fun peeking at my Stitch Fix! If you’re ready to try it for yourself, I would really appreciate it if you would use one of my affiliate links by clicking on one of the links or banners in this post.

Stitch Fix August