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In my very first Blog post I mentioned Stitch Fix.  Today I happened to be wearing one of the tops I bought in one of my first “Fixes,” before I decided to blog, so I asked my daughter to take some pictures for me.  I’m camera shy and I never like how I look in pictures, so her laughing really didn’t help!

This post contains affiliate links. If you use my link to open a new Stitch Fix account then I receive a referral credit.

Dall Crochet Detail Top
Dall Crochet Detail Top

This is a dusty pink Dall Crochet Detail Knit Top from Crescent.  I kept it because it fit my criteria:  comfortable, easy care, no ironing needed (because of its crinkly fabric) and one of my limited wardrobe colors.  I also didn’t already have this color hanging in my closet.  For the most part I’m pretty casual.  I wear blue jeans 95.5% of the time, and this top goes well with denim.  I like the hem-line because it hides my problem areas, and I also really don’t like tucking in shirts.  It has just enough detail to make it interesting with the opalescent buttons and floral-patterned inset at the neck.  In my profile I told my stylist that I’m pretty modest, so I appreciate the neckline not being too low. The fabric is light and airy, but not sheer, which I also appreciate. I also liked the sleeve length. I’ve really enjoyed this top and have gotten a lot of wear out of it.

Stitch Fix Personal Styling Service

Stitch Fix is like having my own personal stylist.  It’s fun to see what someone else would choose for me, especially when they’re a fashion expert.  It exposes me to new brands, and encourages me to try styles that I might not otherwise.  I like to shop in stores, but I’m easily overwhelmed, and it seems like when I’m looking for something in particular I can’t ever find it.  I prefer to try things on at home anyway.  Even before the recent hubbub about fitting rooms, I preferred to be in the comfort and privacy of my own home.  Some fitting rooms have such horrible lighting that I hate the way I look so I leave in disgust without buying anything.  And I always feel like I’m being watched by “security personel” whether I am or not.

Ready to Try Stitch Fix?

If you would like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, there’s no charge to learn more about it and fill out your Style Profile.  When you schedule a Fix, the $20 styling fee is charged to your credit card.  Your stylist will send five items that they hand-pick for you based on the information you give them.  Upon receipt, you have three days to decide what you want to keep.  The $20 styling fee is applied towards anything you buy, and if you keep all five pieces then you get a 25% discount.  On top of all of that, they include a postage-paid envelope so that all you have to do is slide the unwanted items into it and drop it in the mail! If you’re ready to try it, please click on one of the Stitch Fix banners or links in this post. By doing so you’ll be using my affiliate link and I will earn a credit for referring you and I would really appreciate it! Once you become a Stitch Fix customer you can also earn credits by referring your friends.

Customer Service

I recently had my first experience with Stitch Fix’s customer service department and I was especially happy with how quick they were to resolve my problem.  I had purchased a navy rayon dress with a paisley design that I really liked.  After wearing it the first time, I washed it on the hand wash cycle in cold water and hung it up to dry.  I put it on to wear it the second time and found that it had shrunk and was too tight around my mid-section.  I was really disappointed and contacted Stitch Fix about their policy.  The representative cheerfully refunded my money by crediting my credit card, without making me feel like she doubted my story or suspected that I had mis-handled it.  I really appreciated that!  I’m expecting a new Fix soon and I’ll be sharing it.  You can subscribe to my blog to make sure you don’t miss it.

Gift Certificates

I first started using Stitch Fix after my sister told me about it. When I placed my first order using her referral link she received a $25 credit for referring me.  We’ve since exchanged gift certificates for our birthdays.  Talk about easy! These days with shipping expenses, I’ve gotten to where I don’t want to ship a gift because then I spend a significant portion of my budget to mail it.  I’d rather put the extra money into a gift certificate and then know she’ll be able to get something she likes, and have fun in the process.

Pinterest Board

When you set up your profile, you can link a Pinterest board to it so that your stylist can see what types of things you like.  For the best Fix possible, it’s worthwhile to spend some time setting up your board, pinning to it, and making sure it represents your style.

I like to peek at my sister’s board and see what types of things she’s pinning.  Sometimes I like it, too, but others not so much. You need to do more pinning, Sis!


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