Stitch Fix July 2016 Preview on Mid-Life Blogger

Stitch Fix July 2016

This was a fun Fix! I had a hard time deciding what to keep and changed my mind a few times. Each time you schedule a Stitch Fix you are given the opportunity to write a note to your stylist to tell her what you need, or about any special events you may have coming up. This time I didn’t want to be too specific. Part of the fun is seeing what my stylist would choose for me, so I simply requested cool, easy-care items for summer.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you schedule a fix through one of them I receive a referral credit. You can, too, just by referring your friends once you’ve established your account.

Benefits of a Personal Stylist

A benefit of having a stylist choose clothing for you is that they will send things that you might not have tried otherwise. In my previous Stitch Fix posts, here and here, you can see that my stylist sent me light pink items. I didn’t have anything that color in my closet because I didn’t think it would look good on me. I’m glad I decided to try blogging about Stitch Fix because by asking my husband or daughter to take pictures of me, I’ve been able to see how the clothes look and that has helped me decide what to keep.  Those photos helped me to see that the light pink worked well with my skin tone. I’ve worn those items a lot and am really enjoying them.

My July Fix

I was thrilled that I had the same stylist, Cindy, and in her note to me she referred to both my blog (she read my blog!) and my Pinterest board. I really appreciated the time she took in preparing my Fix and she did a great job. A “Style Card” accompanies each Fix and gives suggestions for styling each of the pieces.

July 2016 Style Card on Mid-Life Blogger
July 2016 Style Card
First Impressions

We all know how important first impressions are. Stitch Fix does, too, and they take a lot of care in the presentation of their service. When I first opened the box and looked at the edge of the carefully wrapped items (photo at top) my first impression was really good.  All the colors and patterns were “me.” Here is more detail about each of the items Cindy chose for me:

Kate Boyfriend Jean by Kut From The Kloth ($88)
Kate Boyfriend Jean by Kut From The Kloth on Mid-Life Blogger
Stitch Fix Kate Boyfriend Jean by Kut From The Kloth

I was really excited to try these jeans because the ladies have been raving about them in the Stitch Fix Facebook groups. Although I was in them, this pair was a size 4 and I really need a size 6. I also prefer a higher rise, where these were a little too low for my taste. Otherwise, they fit well and seemed like good quality so I would love to try this brand again sometime. These will be returned in that handy little pre-paid envelope they enclose with every Fix. Verdict: Return

Edmond Henley Knit Top by Pixley ($54)
Edmond Henley Knit Top by Pixley on Mid-Life Blogger
Stitch Fix Edmond Henley Knit Top by Pixley

I liked most things about this top. I loved the colors and pattern. I loved the soft, buttery feel. The neckline was a little low for my taste but that could be remedied by wearing a camisole underneath. The only reason I may not keep it is that it’s a little too clingy around my mid-section and I’m self-conscious about that area. Verdict: After seeing the photos, the pattern seemed to help conceal my problem area, and that’s my kind of camo! I changed my mind and decided to Keep.

Athenia Button Down Top by Aratta ($37)
Athenia Button Down Top by Aratta on Mid-Life Blogger
Stitch Fix Athenia Button Down Top by Aratta

My first impression of this top was good. I like plaid and I liked the muted colors. I liked that it could feel quite casual or be dressed up. But when I put it on, the fabric was too thin, and the arm holes were too big. I appreciated the button detail, but they came unbuttoned too easily and gaped a little. I’m disappointed to say it has to go back. Verdict: Return

Rosetta V-Neck Top by 19 Cooper ($58)
Stitch Fix July 2016 on Mid-Life Blogger
Stitch Fix Rosetta V-Neck Top by 19 Cooper

This was a beautiful bright red top. It’s made of silky smooth rayon. The sleeves have a little elastic to make them 3/4, and there were tiny pleats on the front. Although it felt nice on, it was a little too blousy and I didn’t just love it. Verdict: Return

Tiny Pleat Detail on Mid-Life Blogger
Tiny Pleat Detail
Aribau Twist Neck Halter Blouse by 41Hawthorn ($54)
Aribau Twist Neck Halter Blouse on Mid-Life Blogger
Stitch Fix Aribau Twist Neck Halter Blouse by 41Hawthorn

I fell in love with this top, although it’s not real practical for me. It feels really nice on and makes me feel about twenty years younger. That’s worth buying right there, even if it just hangs in the closet! I like the classic yet updated black & white pattern and the unique halter-tied neckline. If I keep it I think we’re going to have to book a cruise or a resort vacation, and I’m pretty sure that my hubby will be okay with that. It would be good for date nights closer to home, too, so I’m thinking…Verdict: Keep

Stitch Fix July 2016 Back Detail on Mid-Life Blogger
Stitch Fix Back Detail of Aribau Blouse
Checking Out

Now that I’ve made my decisions, all there is to do is go online to my account to “check out,” then I’ll put the returns into the pre-addressed and postage-paid envelope that they provide and drop it into a mailbox.

Your Turn

If you want to get in on the fun, visit Stitch Fix by clicking on one of the banners or links in this post to open your account and fill out your “style profile.” You won’t be charged anything until you schedule a Fix so go ahead and explore.

Stitch Fix currently offers Petite and Maternity, but they are also working to expand their services. Stitch Fix Men will debut Fall 2016.

Stitch Fix July 2016

23 thoughts on “Stitch Fix July 2016”

  1. I love the halter top on you. Very cute and you wear it well. If you book a cruise – then we want to go too!!!!

  2. I loved the black and white blouse on you. It was a great fit and so stylish. Thanks for doing this blog. We need more try-ons from women in midlife.~~Dee

  3. I’ve been enjoying your posts! I wish Stitch Fix was available for plus size (yes, I finished reading the post to see Spring 2017). When I got to that last halter top, I skipped to the last line to make sure you kept it!! It looks gorgeous on you!
    It’s Friday night…….. you and hubby need a date night, or at least a light snack at an outdoor spot so you can enjoy that particular piece 🙂 I also liked that red piece, don’t forget patterns like that can be good for concealing *other* items as well. Have you tested any of these pieces out for that?

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my posts, I really appreciate it! I love that halter top but haven’t worn it on a date night yet. We’ve been too busy lately. I did, however, wear the turquoise Pixley top and it was really comfy and I felt good in it. I didn’t keep the red top. Although it was really pretty, I don’t wear real bright colors very often, so I opted not to keep it.

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