A Special Christmas Announcement

A Special Christmas Announcement

In December of 1997, Scott and I had a special announcement to make. We had just found out that we were expecting. It was already going to be a special Christmas because it was the first one in a new home that we had just built. Both sides of our families were going to be gathered together, so we wanted to think of a fun way to share our news.

Back then, “Crystal Kids” necklaces were in style, so I had the idea for Scott to get one for me, but to put two kids on it. When our son, Hayden, was about three years old, he started to ask for a baby sister. Scott and I told him that he should pray about it. (Mom and Dad did, too.) Even though we didn’t know if the baby would be a boy or a girl, we decided to go with a girl since Hayden had been praying for a sister.

A Special Christmas Announcement - Mid-Life Blogger
Crystal Kids Necklace

Scott wrapped the gift and put it under the tree with the others. On Christmas morning when I opened it, I held it up for everyone to see and admire. Scott and I tried to contain ourselves while we waited for someone to notice the extra child on it. At last, Scott’s mother, Sue, gasped and asked if we were expecting. So then we got to tell everyone that we were expecting a baby in August.

A Special Christmas Announcement
Hayden was so excited about his new little sister!


It turned out to be a little sister afterall! Hayden was so excited to be a big brother!

That Christmas stands out in my mind as a very special one for those reasons. Do you have a special Christmas memory? You are welcome to share in the comments.

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A Special Christmas Announcement ~ Mid-Life Blogger

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  1. Beautiful story! My most memorable Christmas is not a happy one like yours…it happened about 25 years ago when my daughter went for a snow mobile ride and didn’t return…maybe I should post the story.

      1. Sorry, I was in a hurry earlier…we did eventually find her, but not until 3 AM…police, park patrol, and 15 other friends and neighbours on snow mobiles came out to search!

  2. My mom has a chain necklace and on it are little gold rings, one for each grandchild’s birthstone. One Christmas eve, at least 10 years ago, during the church service, I noticed the chain was on the ground and all the little gold rings were missing (at least 6 or 7 at that point). My mom was a mess about it. We finished the service then started searching everywhere. We managed to find every single one! Most of which were actually outside on the sidewalk! The gold sparkled against the snow. My Dad had even pulled the car close and turned on the headlights since it was dark and we only had one left to find, then finally I saw it! I still can’t believe we found all those tiny little rings. I will always remember that Christmas.

    1. Just almost? 🙂 I do, too. This Christmas is different for sure. I bet our next generation will start before too long. (Not to rush anybody)

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