Solitude ~ A Simple Pleasure

Solitude ~ A Simple Pleasure

We all need some solitude. Time to think our own thoughts and dream our own dreams. Sometimes it can be hard to get away, especially if you live in the city. I love being able to take a walk on our farm to enjoy nature and get some exercise. Our dogs usually keep me company and run here and there following scent trails or something they saw or heard. I can take a long walk on our country road and usually not see another person or car. That means I can sing out loud and look my absolute worst. LOL! Inspired by the natural beauty, I usually sing hymns and spend time in prayer. It’s a good time to think of loved ones who need lifting up, as well as unloading my own worries to the only One who can do anything about them.

A Fork In The Road
Solitude: A fork in the road - which way should I go?
Which way should I go?

Sometimes we have big decisions to ponder and pray about. Sometimes, there’s just literally a fork in the road. This is on our private driveway down to the farm. I love walking through this natural tunnel. There’s a small creek running along side it, and sometimes I can enjoy the sound of water trickling down it.

I never know what I’ll discover on my walks and every day is different. Sometimes there are wildflowers or berries. Sometimes mushrooms. There are always rocks and lots of tall trees.

Solitude ~ Rocky Bluffs
Rocky Bluff and Creek Bed

Have I told you that green is my favorite color? I love all of this greenery. I even love moss.

Solitude ~ Mike's Creek
Mike’s Creek

Since our house is on a hill it’s not beside the creek, but it’s a short walk down to it and a delightful destination. The water is crystal clear and always really chilly so it’s pretty exhilarating even just to stick my toes in. (You could stick your toes in some ice water to feel like you’re here with me.) It’s fun to look for arrowheads or interesting rocks. Occasionally, we’ll have an impromptu cook-out and build a small fire on the gravel and cook some hotdogs or bratwurst. I’m so happy to have access to all of this natural beauty.

Solitude ~ Dogs Enjoying the Creek
Libby and Daisy cooling off in the chilly water of Mike’s Creek

Now for the bad news. Are you ready? The walk back home is all uphill!

I hope you enjoyed our walk on the farm! Where do you like to go for a little solitude?

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18 thoughts on “Solitude ~ A Simple Pleasure”

    1. If you want to then I hope you get the opportunity someday. It took me awhile to get here. Homesteading is partly a state of mind, of wanting to be independent, so it can be done to some extent no matter where you live.

  1. Solitude is absolutely necessary for me too. What beautiful scenery you have, and that creek so near your home must be a blessing. What a wonderful place to cool off on hot summer afternoons, even if you do have to walk back uphill to the house afterwards.

  2. How beautiful! We have a lot of trees on our land, but most of them are only 10 years old. I look forward to having them be taller and having our own tree tunnels 🙂 I would walk in that creek all of the time if it were on my land. We have a trail that goes through our property that is just breath-taking at certain times of day…I love that walk. And I love walking down the road to the south of our house. There is a tree tunnel down there that is just gorgeous all year round, especially in spring and fall.

    1. It sounds like you have natural beauty of your own to enjoy. That’s wonderful! What types of trees do you have? We have mostly hardwoods such as oaks and walnuts.

  3. This is wonderful! I love your “fork in the road” analogy and am working on a piece on that subject myself. Would you be willing to share your photo if I give you credit and link to your site? Can message me privately if that’s ok.

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