Revisiting My Roots

How a family reunion cheered my heart.

A Gardener Was Here

Will a gardener’s labor of love be appreciated by subsequent home owners?

Spring in a Jar ~ Redbud Jelly

Foraging and trying new things are activities that I’ve enjoyed since moving to the country nearly fifteen years ago. Spring in the Ozarks is glorious and it’s my favorite time to go exploring around the farm. I’ve written about some of my adventures, and even wrote about foraging for redbuds and phlox several years ago …

Bundles & Boxes

The phase of life that I dreaded most began the day that my father suddenly transitioned to his heavenly home. It encompassed saying a temporary goodbye to him and helping my mother adjust to life without him.  Because of where my parents lived, my sis and I were anxious for our mom to be near …

No More Tears ~ Grief & Faith

No More Tears blog image

My father’s death started a current of events that carried me through the following week. There was so much to be done in such a short time that there was hardly time for me to process what had happened. Family and friends needed to be notified. The burial plot needed to be chosen. We had …

Firmly Rooted

I started this new year with mixed emotions: optimistic, yet cautious. The past few years have had some bad surprises. Are more to come? The whole world was shaken by the pandemic that started early in 2020, when everyone’s lives were suddenly and drastically changed: Families lost jobs and loved ones, and adjusted to work …

Changes ~ My Journey Continues

My Journey Continues

I imagine that hearing from me after so long might be perplexing, so let me explain. For several years I blogged regularly – I had so many things I wanted to write about – homeschooling, country life, gardening, my spiritual journey… but my blog became neglected and somewhat forgotten. If you’ve been a subscriber since …

Showdown at the Clearance Rack

Showdown at the Clearance Rack

Two gardeners faced off at the clearance rack. They eyed each other and planned their attack like the lawmen and outlaws at the OK Corral, except one grasped a dibble, and the other a trowel. ”Who gets the wilted lily, you or me? And the leggy petunias in a pack of three?” They each began to …

The Thrill of the Hunt!

Morels are funny-looking little mushrooms, and very well camouflaged. I was so excited one spring when I finally developed my “morel eyes.” I’d gone hunting for them the previous few years without any success. Maybe I was out too early, or too late, but I just didn’t find any.  Several years ago, one of my …

Schooling-at-Home Through a Pandemic

Schooling-at-Home Through a Pandemic

Tips for parents who have suddenly found themselves trying to finish the public school year at home.