Oriental Lilies

Stargazer Lilies

Oriental Lilies are blooming now and they’re amazing! I’m making a mental note to order more of them. A single flower can perfume an entire room, making it one of my favorites to bring inside, although their pollen can make a bit of a mess.

Stargazer Lily bouquet by Mid-Life Blogger
Stargazer Lily bouquet

The blooms are huge, about 6-7″ across, and their colors are intense and vibrant. They need full sun to thrive, and grow to be about 3′ tall. Their show starts when others have waned, in mid-summer. I love to order plants from catalogs, mainly because I truly enjoy looking at the beautiful photos, comparing descriptions, and sometimes getting ideas for companions. Doing that by the fire in the evenings is how I survive the bleak winter months. Breck’s is a company that I order from quite often and their products are good quality. If you don’t already have some of these lilies, you’re missing out!

"Dizzy" Oriental Lily by Mid-Life Blogger
“Dizzy” Oriental Lily
Stargazer Lilies
Stargazer Lilies

While researching to positively identify these lilies, I happened on the website for The Lily Garden which has a vast array of varieties.

Mystery yellow lily by Mid-Life Blogger
Mystery Yellow Lily

I wasn’t able to identify this yellow lily, and I don’t remember ordering it. It could have been a free gift, a mix-up, or my memory could be faulty. If you know what it is let me know. Do you have oriental lilies in your garden? What are your favorites?

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