My Mini Garden Pond

Several years ago at an auction I admired an old water pump and my husband, Scott, bought it for me, but it sat in the workshop for a year or more before I figured out what I wanted to do with it. One day I was sitting on my front porch, looking at a patch of ground directly in front of it and trying to figure out what it “needed.” Suddenly, I had the idea for a water feature that would incorporate that rusty old pump and, as a birthday gift for me, Scott built it. I absolutely love it!

Repurposed Windmill Water Pump
Old Windmill Water Pump with Clematis
Mini Garden Pond Water Feature
Mini Garden Pond from the Porch
The Perfect Spot

The placement has turned out to be perfect because it can be enjoyed from the porch, and if the front door is open I can sometimes hear the water trickling. I’ve had fun planting around the outside of it, as well as a water lily in it. I stacked some rocks at one end for some structure, and because I love rocks, and then added a little bear statuary that came with our house that looks perfectly at home in it. It looks like he’s fishing for the lonely goldfish¬†in it that I named “Fred.” I intend to get him some friends.

Mini Garden Pond
My Mini Garden Pont from the Front
Water Lily in Garden Pond
Water Lily and Fred, the Goldfish

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