Let’s Go Flea Marketing!

Let's Go Flea Marketing by Mid-Life Blogger

I just love flea markets! It’s so relaxing to wander among the booths, admiring the displays and traveling back in time.

Flea marketing knows no bounds when it comes to age or gender. Since they are typically made up of many vendors with different niches, everyone can find something to suit their interests. Just the other day I saw a young man of about ten shopping with his grandpa, oohing and aahing over vintage toys. I’ve also seen three generations of family members strolling the walkways and sharing memories that were recalled by things they encountered.

Timeless Treasures

Filled to their brims with timeless treasures just waiting to be discovered, flea markets are never boring. It’s like walking back through time and revisiting grandma’s house, or other comforting memories.

Save Money

Let's Go Flea Marketing! Depression Glass at a Flea Market
Depression-era Fire King dishes

You can save money by shopping flea markets to furnish your home. If you need furniture, dishes, pictures, or textiles, items for any decorating style can all be found. I find it fun to hunt for things I need. If you buy something new, it typically loses value, but with vintage items it’s possible for them to increase in value over time. Older things were made better to begin with.

Save money by buying books at a flea market
Save Money on Books at a Flea Market


Whether salt and pepper shakers, antique fishing lures, or depression glass, many people enjoy collecting something that “speaks” to them. Some things I’m drawn to are pitchers, vases, depression glass (clear or green), lamps, and kitchenware. I prefer things that are actually useable.

McCoy Pottery - Let's Go Flea Marketing!
McCoy Pottery
Antique Fishing Lures
Antique Fishing Lures

A Fun and Unique Idea for Christmas

One year my family decided to do something different for Christmas and shop for each other at flea markets and garage sales. It was a real hoot! As we opened our gifts we’d brag about how little we paid for them. We definitely spent less that year and had a lot of laughs!


Visiting flea markets is a fun activity to do with family or friends. Save money while feathering your own unique nest.


Let’s Go Flea Marketing!


Let's Go Flea Marketing! By Mid-Life Blogger
Let’s Go Flea Marketing!


  1. sandradny

    Take me! Take me! I love flea markets, estate sales, tag sales, second-hand stores, etc. etc. My tastes have changed. I used to collect pottery: I had a fun collection of jam and jelly pots, but I trimmed it back this year. Now I am collecting vintage fabrics and wooden spools. It’s fun to use them in my sewing room. I am also constantly hunting for canning jars (’tis the season) 🙂 http://www.graybarndesigns.com

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  2. Jennifer Willroth

    I’m a sucker for older Little Golden Books. Let me know if you come across some place with lots of them in their book section???? I especially love the smaller size books that are like 4×4″ square.

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  3. Karen Grosz

    Too bad we don’t live closer to each other. I would love to go flea market shopping with you. I love repurposing and finding treasures. I had an online business for a few years to sell vintage goods, however, I went back to school and became a health coach. In the past couple of years I haven’t found time to go search for treasures and I miss it.

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