Friendly Flowers

Friendly Flowers ~ A Poem

When time is whizzing and life’s a frenzy, 
when dark clouds hover and troubles surround me,
to the garden I must go,
where my friendly flowers grow.

While I’m digging in dirt and pulling weeds,
pruning, watering, and planting seeds,
the daffodils nod their bobbing heads
in agreement with whatever I just said.

And just look into Pansy’s pretty face,
her smiling eyes in a thoughtful gaze.
The delicate beauty of Queen Anne’s Lace
takes my mind to a happier place.

Sweet William, phlox, iris, and peonies,
tulips, roses, petunias, and lilies, 
their heavenly scents and carefree ways
bring joy and blessings to my days.

When I’m lonely or feeling blue
I crave fresh air and a pretty view.
Soon enchanted by their company…
now, what was it that was plaguing me?

  • Clearing the Way for Spring

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