Empty Nest ~ What’s Next?

Empty Nest

We just celebrated our youngest’s 18th birthday by moving her into the college dorm. She’s at a great school and I’m really happy for her, but as my husband said, “I’m excited for her, but sad for me.” This is a big change for us because both of our children are now grown and we’ve just become empty nesters.

University Campus
University Campus


Empty Nest - Dorm Hallway
Dorm Hallway

Weekend with Friends

We spent a few days getting our daughter settled and attending meetings for parents. When we finally said our goodbyes and left her, we went to meet a group of friends for a weekend on the White River. By the time Scott and I arrived at the cabins early in the evening, we couldn’t believe how exhausted we were. The emotional roller coaster had taken a stealthy toll on us.

Three of the four couples had just left their youngest child at the same college, so we shared a lot of the same emotions. The timing of our trip together was perfect and amazingly therapeutic. It was nice to kick off our empty nest phase with some close friends.

I happened to read Dear Kindergarten Mom This is Where the Magic Begins and I couldn’t help but become misty-eyed. Even though my daughter wasn’t leaving for kindergarten, we were at a similar point of letting go. As we sat on the back deck overlooking the river, my friends and I discussed this very thing. It seems like every phase of raising kids is harder than the last. If we had known how hard it was to be parents, would we do it again? (Absolutely!) Our goal as parents is to prepare our children for adulthood, so when they eventually fly away it’s a mix of emotions. Pride in seeing them take on new responsibilities and challenges. Fear of the bumps in the road they’ll inevitably encounter. Sadness at not being able to see them as much and be a part of their daily life.

Margaret as a baby
My sweet Baby Margaret

Margaret was homeschooled from the very beginning. I did everything I could to prepare her and it was time to let go. She’s off to a great start, and I’m really happy that she’s making new friends and getting involved. My job as a mother is never over, but it changes, and now I’ll be exploring this new frontier.

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Empty Nest ~ What's Next?
Empty Nest ~ What’s Next?


  1. lakesidemom

    I have 4 daughters, whom I’ve homeschooled for 16 years now. It was very hard to say “goodbye” to the oldest, 3 years ago now, but I can’t bear to think about saying goodbye to the youngest. I have 4 more years before I too am an empty nester. So little time! I don’t deal well with change. Maybe living the journey though you (I follow your blog) will help me ease into the role of empty nester with a little grace and gratitude. 🙂

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for following my blog! You’ve made my day! I think this phase is a little different for homeschool moms. Maybe not, it’s just that after spending 24/7 with them their entire lives, it seems like even more of an adjustment. Yes, come along!

  2. Deborah

    My husband has it figured out that his pension and our child tax benefit for our youngest (we’re Canadian) will overlap for just over a year, so no empty nest here for a while yet! There are times I wonder what life would be like in that phase, but with all the grandkids we have, I doubt we’ll ever really experience it in the way most people do….but that’s ok, God gives each of us a different journey. Have a great day!

    1. Post
    1. Post
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