Schooling-at-Home Through a Pandemic

Schooling-at-Home Through a Pandemic

Tips for parents who have suddenly found themselves trying to finish the public school year at home.

Baby on Board

Baby on Board

The day we had anticipated for so long was finally here. For months our daughter had been going through all the steps to make her dream become reality. Although I saw it approaching as she completed each step, I was still surprised that our baby had become such a confident young woman. When I wrote …

Is Homeschooling Right For You?

Is Homeschooling Right for You?

A new school year is looming upon us and many parents are deciding whether to take the plunge into homeschooling. I understand your fears as I was once in those shoes, but now that I’ve completed that journey I can assure you that, yes, you can do it. I’ve heard many people say, “Oh, I …

A Fork in the Road

To blog or not to blog I started this blog nearly three years ago on my 53rd birthday. My husband and I were beginning our transition into the empty nest and I had no idea what life held next. The blog was a way of sharing that transition with others, as well as working through …

Homeschool Mascots ~ Learning with Pets

Homeschool Mascots

If you were to make a list of all the advantages of homeschooling, your list would be very long! With homeschooling comes a lot of freedom and the ability to do things that schools just can’t. Involving animals in your homeschool is just one of them. Maybe the first reason to do school with a …

Conquering the Homeschool-Through-High-School Giant

Conquering the Homeschool-Through-High School Giant

Do you feel anxious as you look into the eyes of the homeschool-through-high-school giant? If so, you’re not alone. The idea of homeschooling through high school is intimidating, especially if your child plans to attend college. In my Facebook groups for homeschooling families, many are seeking encouragement for homeschooling through high school. I know how you feel, …

A Letter to Grandparents of Homeschoolers

A Letter to Grandparents of Homeschoolers

If your grandchildren are being homeschooled, you may have concerns. Especially, if you haven’t had any experience with homeschooling and the only information you have is from the widely-spread myths. As a retired homeschool mom, I’ve remained connected with homeschooling families, and started blogging, partly, to encourage them. I’ve written a lot of posts for …

To Train Up a Mom ~ What Becomes of Retired Homeschool Moms?

To Train Up a Homeschool Mom

While I was “training up” my children, I was also being trained. I just didn’t realize it at the time. While homeschooling our two children, I would occasionally look to the future and wonder what would become of me when they graduated. After being out of the workforce for over twenty years, what would I …

Seasons of Parenting

Seasons of Parenting

When I was expecting our first child, I read a lot of books to prepare myself for the new world of parenting. I didn’t know much of anything about taking care of babies and raising children, so I wanted to learn as much as I could. Little did I know that parenting had different seasons, …

A Passion for Seeds ~ Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

A Passion for Seeds ~ The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

I’ve wanted to visit Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company for a long time. For at least ten years I’ve received their catalogs and watched Jere Gettle’s business and family grow. Their festivals have always looked like so much fun, yet I never found the time to make the 2 1/2 hour trip. My contact there, …