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BBQ Station Truck by Mid-Life Blogger

Many years ago, my husband bought a building in Cassville, Missouri, not knowing what he was going to do with it.

Welcome to BBQ Station!
Welcome to BBQ Station!

After considering a few options, he ended up deciding to open a restaurant with his younger brother, Joel, and his wife, Tanya.

Scott and Joel’s parents, Gil and Sue Curren, had owned a restaurant called “Gil’s Burger Bar,” in Bentonville, Arkansas, while the boys were growing up. Scott had worked there during his teens, gaining a lot of experience. He knew that together, the family could create another great eatery.

The new restaurant became a family affair beginning with the renovation of the building. Scott and Joel did some construction work to reconfigure the space, while other family members helped with stripping wallpaper and painting. Joel, Tanya, Scott, and Sue, experimented with recipes to develop the restaurant’s menu with a Texas barbecue theme. Almost everything they sell there is homemade, including their three proprietary barbecue sauces.

Owners of BBQ Station
Sydney, Tanya, and Joel Curren

When it came to decorating, we wanted you to have a lot to look at while wiping the delicious barbecue sauce off your chin, so we all contributed and many of the items in the restaurant have a story behind them.

Most of the taxidermied mounts were a result of Scott’s hunting and fishing hobbies.

Texas License Plates by Mid-Life Blogger
Pa’s old Texas license plates.

There are many old license plates in the restaurant, but two of them hold special meaning as they were the last plates on their grandfather’s truck.

My sister-in-law, Tanya, is a talented painter and she hand-painted canvases as well as cowbells and cowboy boots. She also designed the restaurant’s logo.

Uncle Don Curren is a woodworker and made some pig-shaped cutouts that Tanya painted to use as chalkboards.

Cowbells Painted by Tanya Curren
Cowbells Painted by Tanya Curren


Pig Painting by Tanya Curren on Mid-Life Blogger
Pig Painting by Tanya Curren

Joel used his carpentry skills to make the front counter, using wood that his father had saved from their church when it was remodeled. The weathered tin and reclaimed wood along the front came from an old lumber mill that was on his parents’ land in Missouri.

Their father, Gil, made the paper towel holders for the tables.

Pigs were part of the restaurant from the beginning, but loyal customers have contributed even more of them over the years. That’s just a sampling of some of the stories behind the decor.

Joel with Customers by Mid-Life Blogger
Joel with Customers at BBQ Station

Joel Carving Meat to Order at BBQ Station
Joel Carving Meat to Order

BBQ Station continues to be a family endeavor as many of our family members work there. Joel and Tanya own and manage it now, and their mother, Sue, has worked there from the beginning, contributing her own restauranteur experience.

Sydney Serves Sides with a Smile
Sydney Serves Sides with a Smile

Gil’s sister, Deanna Johnston, designed their website (link below). It has also given all our kids the opportunity to gain work experience.

BBQ Station offers barbequed ribs, pulled-pork, brisket, chicken, and sausage. The meats are cooked the old-fashioned way: hand-rubbed and smoked more than fourteen hours over real hickory. One of my favorites, the St. Louis-cut ribs are fall-off-the-bone tender, just the way I like ’em.

Their unique Baked Potato Salad is a customer favorite, and other sides include cole slaw, green beans, cornbread, baked beans, pinto beans, and (chilled) potato salad. For dessert they have brownies, cobblers and ice cream.

Ribs Hot Off the Smoker at BBQ Station
Ribs Hot Off the Smoker at BBQ Station


BBQ Station Ribs by Mid-Life Blogger
Tender and juicy BBQ Station ribs

They also offer fresh salads with your choice of warm smoked chicken or pulled-pork on top, and a wide variety of salad dressings.

BBQ Station Salad by Mid-Life Blogger
Fresh salad with smoked chicken at BBQ Station

They have even named a few menu items after regular customers who originated them, such as the “Marple Bowl” or “The Huse” hamburger. Which reminds me, they also have amazing hamburgers! The burgers, famous from Gil’s Burger Bar days, have been reincarnated at BBQ Station.

Want some heat? How about made-to-order BBQ Nachos with jalapeños?

BBQ Station Cheeseburger
BBQ Station Cheeseburger


BBQ Nachos at BBQ Station by Mid-Life Blogger
BBQ Nachos at BBQ Station, Cassville, MO

On a low-carb diet? No problem. You can have any of the meats with green beans and a side salad, or if you choose an entree salad topped with warm and tender smoked meat you won’t feel like you’re missing anything. I personally really enjoy the contrast of the warm smoked chicken on the cool, crisp greens. Very refreshing on a hot summer day!

BBQ Station has even more to offer than I can list, with additional specials that vary throughout the week or season.  I truly believe there is something for everybody.

Memphis-Style Pulled Pork Sandwich and Baked Potato Salad
Memphis-Style Pulled Pork Sandwich and Baked Potato Salad


Blackberry Cobbler a la Mode
Blackberry Cobbler a la Mode

BBQ Station has excellent ratings on a variety of restaurant-rating services. People come from long distances to eat there, and they’re hired for catering jobs from near and far.

I’m proud of the great job that Joel and Tanya have done in running BBQ Station and making it something we can all be proud of. When our daughter worked there, she reported multiple customers each day approaching Joel and Tanya to rave about the food or inquire if Food Network had been there yet. It’s definitely worth the drive!

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  1. zudibelle

    Wish I had known it existed when I was living in McDonald Co. Looks and sounds terrific.

    Will share post to friends there.


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  2. Carri

    I love love love BBQ Station! We moved to Cassville a year ago and it is my go to place. The white BBQ sauce is a must try! And the baked potato salad is addictive. Joel and the gang are friendly and make every single customer feel like family. BBQ Station is definitely a gem hidden away in our sleepy little town! 5 stars!

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  3. Danna Miller

    Love this place!!! They catered our Cassville High School 20 year class reunion in June and did a phenomenal job. The food was amazing and the service they provided was top notch!!!

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