Month: June 2019

Gardening ~ The Slowest Fine Art

Gardening ~ The Slowest Fine Art

Gardening requires a lot of patience to see how my artwork evolves.

Friendly Flowers

Friendly Flowers ~ A Poem

When time is whizzing and life’s a frenzy, when dark clouds hover and troubles surround me,to the garden I must go,where my friendly flowers grow. While I’m digging in dirt and pulling weeds,pruning, watering, and planting seeds,the daffodils nod their bobbing heads in agreement with whatever I just said. And just look into Pansy’s pretty face,her …

Watching Paint Dry

Watching Paint Dry - Painting Drawers

Do you like watching paint dry? Actually, I do. That expression usually refers to something boring, but when you’ve been dreaming of having a new laundry room for years, it’s far from it. When the time finally came, I got to think through all of the different tasks I’d want to use the room for …