Month: September 2017

To Train Up a Mom ~ What Becomes of Retired Homeschool Moms?

To Train Up a Homeschool Mom

While I was “training up” my children, I was also being trained. I just didn’t realize it at the time. While homeschooling our two children, I would occasionally look to the future and wonder what would become of me when they graduated. After being out of the workforce for over twenty years, what would I …

Delightful Garden Guests

Delightful Garden Guests

What makes gardens worth all the time and sweat that we put into them? The visitors they attract, especially the surprise ones, that come to share it with us. I’ve tried to capture photos of some of my garden guests. Some aren’t very cooperative, making me hide behind the door, or sit lifeless for long …

A Cabbage Worth Keeping ~ Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

A Cabbage Worth Keeping ~ Early Jersey Wakefield

I grew my prettiest cabbages yet this year. It wasn’t a good year for many of my usual crops, but it’s been great for cabbage and kale. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog. Overcoming Challenges One of my biggest challenges with cabbage and kale in the past has been battling …