Month: February 2017

Spring Garden Surprise ~ A Bunny Tale

Spring Garden Surprise

Gardening is full of surprises. Many years ago while spring cleaning, I moved some debris within the chives and suddenly my eyes were focusing on some little pink things. My first thought was rats, but then I realized that I was looking at newborn cottontail rabbits. Carefully, I covered them back up, trying to leave …

Homegrown Salad ~ A Simple Pleasure

Homegrown Salads ~ A Simple Pleasure

I’m excited to be a part of a Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Collection giveaway! For details and to enter, scroll to the end of this article. There’s nothing like a homegrown salad! Picking fresh greens, plus other goodies, straight out of the garden and combining them into a healthy and beautiful dish is a simple …

The “S” Word ~ What about Socialization?

What about Socialization?

Let me explain why “socialization” of homeschooled children isn’t a problem.

The Miracle of Homeschooling

The Miracle of Homeschooling

There’s often a push for legislation that would require homeschooling parents to be certified teachers. I think the assumption behind it is that only certified teachers are capable of teaching children, and that a student’s learning ability is limited by what the teacher knows. I want to share through personal examples, scripture, and research, why …